Cause there's nothin else better ta dew

Intro to let you know

So, I\’m back again for like the 1000th time.


I\’ve re-released this site, what feels like, 100 times (more like 4 or 5). I had all kinds of ideas and agendas. My homie The Machines Shall Rise, made my dope logo, made t-shirts and even made my avatar. So I had the full blogger starter pack. So what was i going to do with all this? I wanted to break new music, new stories, do reviews, be the leading source for…. exactly, for what? There\’s a thousand blogs for each topic and half of\’em full of click-bait. The other half with budgets way bigger than mine (which is $Free.99 right now). So what the hell am I going to write about? I have no clue. But I\’ll tell you this. It won\’t be pushing any agenda or trying to be the first anything. Hell, half the time, I\’ll have the comments turned off. Why? Because I not posting anything worth discussing. And if you wanna discuss it, hit a share button and do it on ya own joint. As my tag line says, I\’m doing this because I got nothing else better to do at the moment. So check it out. Or not. Whatever, I\’m going to get something to drink. Peace y\’all, and always be cool.

The Creator

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